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Cat Dubh thank you so much for the reading and yes S..... M....., the reading was so accurate! Cat Dubh you truly are amazing ! Thank you so so so much!!! I truly sincerely appreciate this reading you have done for me! From the bottom of my heart thank you!!

I would like to thank you profusely for the shamanic tarot card reading just received from you.
It is obvious how much effort went into this shamanic journey and reading.
The reading itself is very positive and gives me much to contemplate.
I will need to refer to this reading often, and also to journey with it, since it will no doubt take time to fully integrate it into my daily living.
May you live long to continue with your work of sharing your precious gifts with others.
Thanks again.
B.  Ireland

Thank you very much for a lovely reading! It was like a soul reading, I felt it deeply.

I'm grateful and taking with me into the future, great advice.
Many thanks,
All the best.
M.  England

Thank you for your reading, it was very insightful and I appreciate your quick response. 
Best Regards.
S.  Singapore

Thank you very much for consulting the cards for me. Wow you are incredible, your reading is so precise
and helpful, and definitely the best reading I have ever received.
Thank you again for your help.
 Kind Regards
 S.  Italy

That was such a positive reading.  It felt lovely.  Thank you so much.  I think you have a great website.
Do take care
D.  Australia

Thank you so much for your reading!  What is so interesting is - my question has a lot of 'context'
which your reading has picked up on!  Your reading is very helpful and gives me a lot of reassurance.
I really appreciate your time in completing this reading for me.  I also think the card pack you chose
is beautiful.
Many blessings to you!.
K.  England

Thank you so much for the reading.  May you continue to be blessed with the gift you've been given.
Y.  England

Thanks for the reading. It was amazingly accurate!
G.  U.S.A.

Thank you very much for your quick reply and for drawing another card for me... you are very precise
and I perfectly understand what this card has to tell me.
You have really helped me a lot...thank you.
S. Italy

Thank you Cat Dubh, I appreciate you taking the time for me and I will use this insight accordingly.
P. Ireland

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